Help Commands:

/market Get the market guide
/claiming Get the claiming guide
/ranks Get the ranks guide
/info Shows this list in game
/help Shows help
/helpop Sends a message that only staff can see
/motd Displays the message of the day
/rules Lists the rules
/stafflist Lists the current NG staff

Link Commands:

/discord Shows link to discord
/discord ? Shows help
/discord link Generated a code to link your Minecraft account to your Discord account
/discord unlink Unlinks your Minecraft account from your Discord account
/discord linked Checks what Discord user your Minecraft account is linked to
/website Gives a link to the server's website
/donate Gives a link to the donations page
/mcMMOlink Gives a link to the mcMMO wiki

General Commands:

/bal, /balance Displays your current balance
/baltop Displays the top account balances
/depth Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level
/ignore Allows you to ignore others in chat, and see who you have ignored
/msg, /m, /t, /w Allows you to private message another player
/r Quickly reply to the last player to message you
/realname Allows you to see a player's real username
/pt Show the amount of play time you have on NG
/vgui Opens the voting gui
/vote Opens a gui with the voting urls
/vpoints View your total number of points (votes)

Teleport Commands:

/spawn Teleports you to spawn
/home Teleports you to a home
/sethome Sets a home at your current location
/delhome Removes a home
/tpa Request to teleport to another player
/tpaccept Accept a /tpa request
/tpdeny Deny a /tpa request
/warp market Warps you to the market
/warp jail Warps you to the jail (outside)
/warp jump Warps you to the elytra jump
/warp safetrade Warps you to the safe trading area
/warp goldex Warps you to the gold exchange
/warp rules Warps you to the rules
/warp mythic Warps you to the Mythic Castle
/warp arenatop Warps you to the arena, as a spectator
/warpsui Opens the warp menu
/mythicui Opens the Mythic warp menu

Combat Commands:

/ct See current combat timer
/ctlog Log out once untagged
/mh achievements Show your special mobhunting achievements
/mh bounty Get a list of active bounties and put a bounty on another player
/mh bounty remove Cancel your bounty on another player and get some of your money back
/mh learn Toggle MobHunting learning mode

mcMMO Commands:

/mcmmo Shows a brief mod description and the available commands
/mctop Check the leader boards for mcMMO power-level
/mcrank Check your position on the server's leader board
/mcstats Check your stats for every skill

Market Commands:

/as help Shows help
/as rent Rent a market stall or extend your current rental
/as me Check which stall you have (and when your rent expires)
/as find rent Find an empty stall
/as info Get info about a stall
/shop create Creates a shop
/shop remove Removes a shop
/shop info Shows info about a shop
/shop open Opens a shop

Claiming Commands:

/res create Creates a claim based on your selection
/res auto Creates a claim around you based on how much money you have
/res tpset Sets the teleport location for your claim
/res list List your claims
/res padd Trusts a player on your claim
/res pdel Untrusts a player on your claim
/res info Shows info about a claim
/res set Sets flags on your claim
/res pset Sets flags for a specific player on your claim
/res message Manage the enter and leave messages for a claim
/res tp Teleports you to a residence
/res tool Shows the selection and information tools
/res contract Contracts a residence in the direction you are looking
/res expand Expands a residence in the direction you are looking
/res remove Removes a claim
/res confirm Used to confirm removing a claim
/res rename Rename your claim
/res current Shows the claim you are currently in
/res compass Sets your compass pointer to a claim
/res show Show a claim's boundaries
/res mirror Copies flag from one claim to another
/res give Gives ownership of a claim to another player
/res unstuck Teleports you outside of a claim if you are stuck

Other Commands:

/chairs on Enable chairs for yourself
/chairs off Disable chairs for yourself
/toggledeathmsg Toggle other players' death messages

Donor Commands:

/dc tp Teleport to your last point of death
/feed, eat Feeds you
/hat Places the item in your hand on your head
/heal Heals you
/kit color Get the book of color
/kit firework Get some fireworks
/fix Repairs the durability of an item
/workbench, /wb, /craft Opens the crafting menu
/afk Toggles afk status
/list Displays a list of who is online
/me Allows you to emote
/near Lists nearby players
/nick Change your display name
/seen Checks when a player was last online
/suicide This kills the player
/clearinventory, /ci Clears your inventory
/enderchest, /echest Opens your ender chest
/invsee See the inventory of another player
/back Returns you to your last position from a prior teleport